• Turnkey Networking Facility
    And Data Center Solutions

  • Maicom Designs, Builds, and Maintains
    Networking Facilities and Data centers

  • Professional Maintenance Program

Selected Service Offerings

Electrical Design, Power & Wiring

Maicom will design and build a robust power architecture at your facility that will reduce the risk of downtime. Maicom will assess current design and recommend a cost efficient, clean solution for your facility's demands. This includes all AC power, DC power, grounding, battery backup, power distribution, power generation, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Our technicians are very experienced with critical electrical needs and are capable of solving challenging, live work.


Critical Infrastructure
Construction Services

MAICOM employs Construction practices which help drive efficiency on our projects. These techniques eliminate redundancy and waste, enhance collaboration and improve project outcomes. Our construction managers have the knowledge and expertise to successfully complete any type of interior renovation in virtually any style, and our team is committed to completing your project and ensuring your satisfaction for years to come. We develop and maintain policies and procedures for real property asset management and provide corporate implementation oversight.


HVAC and Mechanical System Solutions

We can handle the replacement or installation of energy saving heating and cooling systems. Our expert technicians are EPA certified and they will troubleshoot and diagnose your HVAC systems to detect leaks or any other defects. We provide consulting services to identify areas where we can improve system efficiency and lower operating expenses.


Deployment Services

Maicom provides the full inside plant solution, including the final network wiring and powering of all communication and network equipment. Maicom is proficient and experienced in RF and fiber architecture, wiring, and testing. Supporting services of all major communication segments including Cable MSO, Cell Backhaul, Metro Ethernet, and Telecom providers.


Data Center Services

Maicom’s Data Center Services offer full turnkey programs as well as individual, tailored solutions to our customer’s needs. We engineer complex structured cabling designs, install and configuring small or large scale device deployments, and support your operational needs 24x7. Maicom’s commitment to quality, reliability and predictability has led us to many long lasting and trusting data center partnerships.


Preventative Maintenance & Emergency Response

Maicom's Preventative Maintenance Program has been incredibly successful at maximizing up time at critical facilities as well as at reducing cost of operations. The program identifies developing problems before they can cause a major impact at the facilities. Maicom conducts stringent reporting standards for all maintenance records. Maicom's Emergency Response program offers 24/7 support to your facilities to minimize the effects of outages, and quickly solve any issue that may arise



Maicom is the solution for any critical infrastructure needs.
About Maicom
Maicom only works on network facilities and data center critical infrastructure. This sole focus has built many years of technical expertise to solve all of your needs.
Maicom was founded over 28 years ago and has exapnded services to cover all critical infrastructure. Our history allows us to work quickly and find you the most efficient and highest quality solution to your needs.
Maicom builds partnerships with all of our clients; we prioritize enduring long term success over any short term profitability. We are always looking for the most cost effective and best long term solution.